Black Cod head on a silver background

Black Cod (Anoplopoma fimbria)


Sablefish are a ground fish species that display an elongated shape and are dark gray to black on the upper side of their body with a lighter gray bottom. They are found in the Northern Pacific Ocean where they are caught at depths between 300 to 2,700 meters. Sable fish are known for their high fat content which gives them their renown buttery rich flavor. This same fat content makes Sablefish an excellent choice for bait, in particular the heads.


Black cod are caught between the months of April and December. We keep them stocked all year long. 


We currently pack our Black Cod heads in 40 Lbs and 30 Lbs flats. 

black cod heads showing the back head cut off
black cod head sitting in a frozen block
Black Cod head sitting on a dock