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NAPS Exporting

Bring Your Product to the World

NAPS Exporting

Seafood markets exist all over the world, and many places are looking for your product. At NAPS, we will help you bring your product to new markets across the globe without the stress of working with customs and international shipping companies. Contact us today to learn more about our export services. 


There are strong Seafood markets all over the globe who are looking for new sources of reliable, quality seafood. Here at NAPS, we have the right connections to help you find new markets for your seafood products. Let us help you navigate customs, and the process of international exportation to create a stress free experience for you.

Our Approach

NAPS for the past 30 years through experience learned how to navigate foreign markets, and customs. Our team will help you bring your product abroad with our connections and experience to ensure a smooth process for you and your company.

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