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NAPS International

Find us Around the World.



As one of the world’s premier sources of seafood, we are proud to call the USA our home. This country is full of hard-working fishermen determined to provide the best quality product available, a connection and standard we honor and cherish. Our partnerships with fishermen allow us to give our clients top products around the world and establish a culture of excellent seafood and bait. The USA proves to have a dynamic market that brings new opportunities and challenges not found anywhere else in the world, and we wake up excited every day to grow as a company.



Located in the heart of Asia, our partners in Taiwan are at the epicenter of Asian Trade. We’ve established strong relationships with fishermen associations as well as producers that give us access to a diverse group of fish species. Their expertise also secures large volumes of fish that allow us to keep a strong reliable supply for you and your company. We are proud to work with our Taiwanese partners and will continue to do so for years to come.



Our Vietnamese partners deliver when no one else can. With access to some of the most diverse species in the world, they bring us new fish to try on the market as well as market staples that we all rely on. Their processing power proves reliable and incomparable due to our partners' rigorous work ethic and desire to produce.



The Heart of Europe and the world’s capital for food, we made our start in France. We pride ourselves on our ability to hold true to our devotion to the flavor and quality of our seafood products. Our French roots will always push us to explore new fish and bring new cultural experiences around the world. We’re devoted to exploring the wide diversity of fish found in oceans around the world.



As one of the world’s historical crossroads of culture, Turkey enjoys a deep-rooted love for seafood. As such, their dedication to their product produces tremendous quality. Our partners in Turkey work hard to ensure that their passion for seafood crosses over to their food. It is their knowledge and appreciation that allows us to create great products for our clients.



As one of our premier partnership hubs, we have always enjoyed a strong relationship with our producers. Time and time again, our Moroccan partners provide us with outstanding, reliable sources of fish. The work ethic of our partners embodies our mission here at NAPS; to deliver excellence to your company.

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